Coalition on Girls' Empowerment

The EU featured Dialogue #Kyomuhendo

20 March at 18:57

Today COGE was represented by kyomuhendo at the EU_ featured dialogue at Protea hotel. We learn alot and unlearn from such dialogues. Great to find there one of our members WEGCDA represented by Grace Ahurura. Amazing time for us to look for partners.

2019 5th Conference #Before and #After conflict

4 March 2019

The 5th COGE conference is in the Corner. 7th October 2019 will the time to take stock and committee for the girls of Uganda. The coordinator and other members have done the mapping for partners in the October conference and meeting with the Headteacher of Rupa primary school was so memorable.

She will be happy to host the conference.We have to see girls empowered Before,during and After the war.
Moroto is the district we Identified after kasese and Kabale should be the one for 2020 just let us know if you want to coordinate.

We call upon the well wishers, donors,friends and corporations to partner with the coalition and shine the world.The school head teacher shared her challanges and to mention 3 issues for quick response are school uniform, 100 desks, and teachers housing. We are looking forward for ensuring that at least we fundraise for the 3 priority concerns by october 7th 2019.#IIRR #UNICEF #FAWUE#CSBAG #ISER#WEGCDA

Congratution #COGE Coordinators

23 February 2019

We congratulate you Our co-ordinators for the achievement to got yesterday. Your accreditation as one of the Gender and Equity budgeting National trainer .We bless the lord.

Economic Girls's Empowerment Changes Lives

21 December 2018

Empowering girls economically is one way Of changing the economy.Girls should not be taught to give hand at house hold when they get married .Early capacity building enables the change mindset .##Empowergirls and shine the world.

Together In Girls summit 2018

30 November 2018

Today the chairperson and Other COGE members joined the Girls summit 2018 #GirlsSummit2018 and we hope for great engagement and learning.we appreciate

We Are With You

12 October 2018

We cannot take this for granted. We join our chairperson and founder member of the Coalition. Congratulations madam Judith Bartha we love you

Thank You Comrades For Your Active Participation

8 October 2018

We had a colourful, fun and very successful conference in commemoration of the girl child. Thank you for all you did to make participation in this Conference so easy, pleasurable and rewarding.

It Has Been A Succes #2018 COGE 4th Conference

8 October 2018

The 4th annual COGE conference in commemoration of the international day of the girl child is on!!! Different delegates arriving at the venue with their banners! We are excited that we are on the mission to empower the girl child. We are live in kasese at the Catholic social centre.

Thank you for the Love and Support

8 October 2018

God made it yesterday. We are appreciate all the supporters.we visited the schools and Girls are yes still marginalised. We found at Rwenzori high school has only 3 Girls in senior six.More work to be done. @kaseseGirlsConf